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Local Conferences

The Glasgow Meeting of Orthopaedic Research (GlaMOR) takes place every year and is usually held in late March at the Beardmore Hotel and Conference Centre. The Beardmore is attached to the Golden Jubilee National Hospital in Clydebank. GlaMOR offers trainees an opportunity to present their work and the afternoon features a series of local and external speakers. International speakers often attend and offer an insight into orthopaedics elsewhere in the world and in different environments.  

SCOT Meetings 

 The “Scottish Committee of Orthopaedic Surgeons” meets twice a year at Dunblane Hydro. The Summer and Winter SCOT meeting’s both offer an update on pertinent issues but also offer another opportunity to present their work. 



This is a one day meeting held immediately before the Summer SCOT meeting. Trainees from across Scotland are invited to attend. It is free for to attend and offers a range of activities, including the opportunity to get critical CBDs and assessments signed off. There is usually a formal dinner held following the event and trainees are invited to attend for a small fee.  

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