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Informal Teaching

Most departments offer in-house teaching. This varies considerably between the different departments but sessions may take place out of hours, in order to maximise attendance. 

Many departments will traditionally use the morning x-ray meeting as a learning opportunity. However, some of the larger units with busy trauma workloads can no longer fully engage in this process due to time restraints. However, provision may have made out of hours and trainees are encouraged to engage with this process. These sessions can be valuable learning opportunities and useful exam preparation.

Departments with regular departmental teaching:


  • Thursday evening 

    • 1720, Level 9 seminar room

    • X-ray meeting

    • Pizza usually supplied


  • Monday morning

    • 0700, Ian Kelly Lecture Theatre

    • Tumour teaching


  • Friday morning

    • 0900​​, level 3 seminar room

    • 'Indications' - discussion of upcoming theatre cases

    • Registrar presentations


  • Weekly

    • Lunchtime, seminar room, ward 2A 

    • Usually aimed at SHO tier


  • Weekly

    • Lunchtime, x-ray seminar room

    • X-ray meeting, cases presented and joint discussion with radiology


  • Monday morning

    • time, place​ TBC

    • Registrar teaching

  • Weekly

    • time, place​ TBC

    • x-ray meeting, cases presented and joint discussion with radiology

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