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Forth Valley Royal Hospital
Health Board

NHS Forth Valley

General Information

Forth Valley Royal Hospital is situated in Larbert and was opened in 2010. It replaced the  Stirling Royal Infirmary and Falkirk Royal Infirmary. It is a 860 bed hospital and offers a wide range of services. The main entrance features several shops and leads into a central atrium. The learning centre and library are situated adjacent, but on the 2nd floor. Out patient clinics are located on the ground floor, along with the x-ray department. The Emergency department is located towards the 'rear' of the hospital, along with the main staff entrance and the 'assessment units'. Theatres are on the first floor and include a 23 hour days surgery unit. ICU is also nearby. For those needing to de-stress, there are designated woodland walks, across from the staff entrance. 


The hospital has a very good canteen, which opens at 7am. Along with the usual selection of hot meals and sandwiches, the FVRH restaurant also features 'theatre' cooking (ompletes/stir fries etc.), sandwich bar and pizza. The shopping area in the on the ground floor includes:

  • Starbucks

  • M&S Simply Food

  • WH Smith

  • Stock Shop

An ATM is located adjacent to the front entrance. There are staff rest areas located on the 1st and 2nd floors. These contain fridges/microwaves. Crockery is in short supply/locked up by ward staff. It is advisable to bring your own, including cutlery. 

Orthopaedic Department

The orthopaedic ward is B23 and this hosts both trauma patients and elective patients. The 23 hour DSU is also used extensively for both trauma and elective patients. Fracture clinics are based in the out-patient department. The Consultant office area is on the 2nd floor, above the ED. This area is shared with staff from many departments within the hospital. Each Consultant should have a desk and the secretaries also share this space. There are individual pods for small meetings and a selection meeting rooms. There is no Registrar room as such, although there is Doctor's office on B23. 

Senior Rota: No night shift or on-calls. Current shift pattern TBC.

Junior Rota: Full shift, nights are shared and cross-cover all surgical specialties. 

Mr Alastair Preiss
Mr Ben Murray
Mr Ian MacLean
Mr Amit Putti
Mr Alan Howieson
Mr Michael Hendrix
Mr Craig Tinning
Mr Terence Savaridas
Mr John De Leeuw
Travel Information

Travel arrangements to FVRH can be difficult, although it is straight forward, if occasionally lengthy commute by car. 

Walk - You can walk from the train station in under 30 min  

Car - From Glasgow, take the M8 or M74, M80 and then M876.  Although 22 miles from Glasgow City centre the rush hour traffic will make your daily commute around 40 min at best. Bad weather will prolong this and the return journey is usually worse. There are 3 main car parks on site however if these fill up all of the surrounding roads as painted with double yellow lines. Trainees usually get a permit for the staff car park and it is easy to park for an 8am start.

Train / Bus - Public transport is an option with trains every 30 min from Glasgow Queen Street station followed by a short 25 min walk. You can get a bus directly to the hospital from Buchanan Bus Station in Glasgow.


Stirling Rd 



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