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Journal Club

Attendance and presentation at a regular 'journal club' is now a requirement for CCT. Formal journal club evening have been held on an irregular basis in recent years. However, given the recent CCT changes, regular sessions are planned. 

The current aim is to hold journal club evenings quarterly. The format will consist of 3 short presentations and group discussion, hopefully followed by some form of refreshments. Trainees will be encouraged to present papers and record in their ISCP portfolios. There may be an opportunity complete CBDs for those presenting, depending on the Consultant(s) in attendance.


It has been suggested that those attending the journal club should upload their reflections on each paper to ISCP, prior to the specified date. This would allow trainees approaching CCT to have evidence of their critical appraisal skills and engagement in the process.


Dates for the 2018/19 term are as following:


  • 21/09/2018

Foot and Ankle:             

  • 25/02/2019

Shoulder and Elbow:

  • TBC

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