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University Hairmyres Hospital
Health Board

NHS Lanarkshire


General Information

Hairmyres hospital is located in East Kilbride. The new building was completed in 2001 and houses approximately 500 beds. It serves the population of South Lanarkshire and is approximately 9 miles from Glasgow city centre.


The hospital offers a range of acute medical and surgical services. The Emergency Department, Radiology Department and clinics are located on the ground floor. The wards are predominately located on the 1st and 2nd floors. Theaters are to be found on the 1st floor, alongside ICU at one end and day surgery at the other. 


There is a coffee shop in the main atrium. Whilst this is open from 8am Monday to Friday, it does not open until 12pm at the weekend. The  restaurant is also located on the ground floor and while open 8-6 Monday to Friday, it is open in the morining at weekends. 

Orthopaedic Department

The orthopaedic department is spread across the 1st floor. Ward 5 is the orthopaedic trauma and ward 1 is usually the home of orthopaedic elective patients. Middle grades have access to an office, adjacent to ward 5. There is also a nearby office for junior medical staff. The secretarial staff and Consultants have offices located just off the 1st floor corridor. The morning meeting is held the 'Surigcal Seminar Room' on the 1st floor corridor. 

Mr Khalid Ayoub
Mr Ian Mcleod
Mr Stephen Grant
Miss Jennifer McGlynn
Mr Mo Mathew
Mr Atta Eslami
Mr Ammar Abbas
Mr Alec Campbell
Miss Ros Miller
Mr Sami Atiya
Mr Manish Agarwal
Mr Kumar Periasamy
Travel Information

Car - Hairmyres is very easily accessed from the south side of the city, or via the M77 from the West End. There is ample car parking, if arriving for an 0800 start however the M77 is notorious for traffic jams at rush hour. 

Train - Hairmyres railway station is situated adjacent to the car park and couldn’t be closer. Regular services run to and from Glasgow Central and it takes approximately 30mins.  



Eaglesham Road
East Kilbride
G75 8RG

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