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Terms & Conditions

By registering to access the members only section of this site there are certain terms and conditions you must acknowledge and comply with.


Your request to register will be vetted by a site administrator who is also an Orthopaedic trainee. You will receive an email with a terms and conditions document which you must read, sign and return before you will be granted access to the members only section.

The following is a summary of that document. 

  • The material contained within this site is for Orthopaedic Trainees only.


  • Some of the training materials found within the members only section may contain anonamised patient data. You must treat all training material as if it were genuine patient identifiable information on the chance that an error has been made in anonomisation process and some identifiable information remains visible. 


  • Some training material may contain information which while not pertaining to individual patients may still contain information that is not suitable to be seen by a member of the public and should not be disclosed to anyone outside the Orthopaedic training programme..


  • Some of the Consultants may have chosen to make some of their personal information available to you within the members only section. Again, this is for your use only and should never be disclosed to anyone outside the Orthopaedic training programme.

  • Under no circumstances should you disclose or share any of the content found on this site.

Should you disclose any sensative information to anyone who is not a medical professional you may jepordise your medial license and find yourself at risk of prosecution.

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